Hiking in the Biological Reserve of Nosara

“Choroxiphia linearis”
This guy is not only beautiful, it is also singing and dancing with his best friend!

Explore the wilds of Nosara with an experienced naturalist guide and learn about the intricate wokings of tropical ecology. 

Trails take you past a mangrove wetland and through tropical dry forest. You can always find howler monkeys and the reserve also is home for iguanas, coaties, raccoons, armadillos....and many bird species. 

You will learn about the fascinating tricks, that plants developed for beeing able to adopt to a climate, dominated by harsh contrast between dry season and rain season. 

Kayaking along the Nosara River and in the Mangroves

Relaxed kayak tour through the mangroves of Nosara with an experienced guide

You want to watch birds, have fun in the water or just relax, so take a kayak tour that leads you through the mangroves of the mountain river (Rio Montaña) and the more open Nosara River with an experienced nature guide.

With some luck you can also view a crocodile. 

Bio Parque Nosara

Family posing on roots of a giant tree

Easy walk on a nice trail with good birdwatching and other wildlife. The tour takes around 1.5 hours and has a small picnic area. So it's highly recommended for families with small kids, but also for passionated birdwatcher. 

Ocean view tour

View over ocean, Playa Nosara and the river

Enjoy an amazing view  over the ocean and the Nosara river, walk along the river mouth, looking out for shore birds and crocodiles and enter in the mangroves with an experienced naturalist guide. 

Can also be combinated with a kayak tour.

Fun in the waterfall “Mala Noche”

Fun for the whole family

what can be nicer on a hot day then jumping in a refreshing pool of clear water and  get a shower in the waterfall after a small hike ?




Village and River Tour by horse

Waiting just for YOU

Learn to know the village of Nosara and see how the Costa Ricans (the ticos) live. 

Explore wildlife, riding along the Nosara River and crossing it several time. Enjoy the abundant nature of the river side.



Family looking for adventure


Enjoy the waterfall "Mala Noche",  paddle in the mangroves and on Rio Nosara, and go for a nature walk in Bioparque Nosara 

This is a combination of Fun, Adventure and Wildlife for active people.